Lockwood Style Homes


The Lockwood home is an invention by two Dutch migrants to New Zealand Jo la Grouw and Johannes (Jan) van Loghem who came up with the innovative idea in 1951. The prototype house built in Rotorua was based on the old log-cabin technique of interlocking timber walls. Their spaciousness and strength soon made the houses popular with New Zealanders. Lockwood Homes have gone on to become the countrys biggest house-building company, with sales in the tens of thousands both locally and as far away as Europe.


 In the Lockwood Building System, walls are locked together, not nailed together. The intricately engineered aluminium profile design slots into the machined corners of solid laminated pine, locking the wood into position.  This patented system, combined with the use of vertical tie rods in the walls, is sturdy enough to resist earthquakes and typhoons all around the world. Yet it has the flexibility to handle temperature extremes from Russia to the Middle East.


The manufacturing complex in Rotorua contains 16 factories on a 10 hectare site and employs over 100 people. The factory produces a wide range of finger-jointed and laminated products and all of the components for the Lockwood Solid Timber Homes.

Lockwood Homes are part of the  La Grouw Corporation Limited. The Corporation was founded in 1952 and is the parent company of a group of dynamic businesses that includes Lockwood International Limited as the export representative company.

The sturdy construction has also made them ideal for mountain huts with Lockwood Style huts. On the website of the Pinnacle Ski Club
http://www.pinnacleskiclub.org.nz/skiclub2.htm it states:-

"The Pinnacle Ski Club is located on Mt Ruapehu, a volcano on the Volcanic Plateau in the central North Island of New Zealand.  The club was established in 1959 by a group of enthusiastic skiers who wanted quality accommodation on the Whakapapa Ski field, on Mt Ruapehu. The foundation members of the club donated time, skills and resources to build a lodge that would stand the rigors of the, sometimes, harsh climate found on the mountain. The result of their efforts is a two storied, "Lockwood style" building located to the left and just below the top of the Rock Garden chair lift on the ski field."

In the newspaper "The Dominion" (Wellington, New Zealand) on 29th February 2000, an article headlined "Luxury-model Powell hut opens" states :- "The first hut, named after club stalwart Ian Powell, was built in 1939 and the second, of Lockwood design, in 1981." The Lockwood hut burned down on May 17th 1999. There was also another article in the same newspaper dated 23rd November 1999 relating to the building of the new hut and it mentions a "Lockwood-style replacement, opened in 1981".

Lockwood Homes now produce timber homes with 2 to 4 bedrooms for use in urban as well as rural areas. Some examples are shown below:-



                    Paihia                                                        Bayview                                                Carribean


For more details about the Lockwood Homes visit http://www.lockwood.co.nz/index.php


My thanks to the following for their information:-


Kelly Fitzgerald, Marketing Co-ordinator, La Grouw Corporation Ltd, Rotorua

Bruce Pearson Operations Manager, Lockwood International Ltd


Lockwood Aria Competition


Lockwood Homes sponsor the Lockwood Aria Competition which is held in November each year in Rotorua, New Zealand for opera singers.


In the newspapers "Daily News" and "The Dominion" (both of New Zealand) on 2nd November 1999 and 3rd December 1999 respectively there is mention of "the important Lockwood Aria competition" which was held in the Rotorua Convention centre and won by New Plymouth singer Joanna Heslop.