Lockwood Distribution

The following links show the distribution of the Lockwood surname.

1. English IGI records 15th to 19th Centuries County by County totals broken down into the following time periods: 1450-1599, 1600-1699, 1700-1799,1800-1899. Generally only baptisms and marriages were recorded.

2. UK 1881 Census Detailed breakdown with a Distribution Map. Totals show top 15 counties (Yorkshire is counted as 3 counties - West Riding, East Riding and North Riding). For all county totals, see the 1881 column in the next item below.

3. UK 1841 - 1911 County by County Census Totals

4. Canada 1881 Census State by State totals

5. USA 1790 - 1930 State by State Census Totals (may take a few minutes to download due to the large amount of data). Includes Census Distribution Maps for each census year - see how they moved out from the East coast to the mid-West to the West coast.

6. World 1991 Distribution (using telephone directories and electoral rolls)