Lockwood, Tioga County, New York, U.S.A.

Latitude 4209' N Longitude 7658' W


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The following is taken from "History of Barton, NY", edited by: LEROY W. KINGMAN
W. A. FERGUSSON & CO. ELMIRA, N. Y., and published in the 1890s:-

"Lockwood, as now known, owes its existence and business importance almost wholly to the efforts of the firm of Bingham Brothers, who began operations here soon after the close of the war. However, in the early history of the town Charles Bingham, Jr., son of the pioneer Charles, built a mill at Lockwood, or on the site of the subsequent hamlet so called. In. later years the place came to be known as Bingham's Mills, and was so called until 1881, when on account of a political difference between the proprietors in fact of the place and a government official, the official having the power, caused the name to be changed from Bingham's Mills to Lockwood. The date of the change was November 18, 1881.

The post office was established January 7, 1870. and the postmasters have been George W. Bingham, appointed January 7, 1870, and November 18, 1881; George D. Brock, August 24, 1885; Edmund J. Bingham, May 2, 1889; Ezra Canfield, August 23, 1893. A part of the extensive mills at this place which Bingham Brothers operate was burned in December, 1896, but was at once replaced with others. Therefore the business interests of Lockwood are about as substantial as ever, and are represented as follows: Bingham Brothers, general merchants, manufacturers of butter packages and proprietors of saw, planning and grist mills; Truman Searles, grocer; W. E. Edgerton, dealer in agricultural implements and proprietor of meat market.

The Methodist Episcopal church at Lockwood dates back to the days of early settlement, when a class was formed, although it was many years later that the formal organization was perfected. The church home was built in 1854, since which time the society has been generally prosperous. In this charge are now 177 members. The pastor is Rev. A. F. Brown.".

In 2000 the population of Lockwood was 1137.

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