Lockwood, Orange County,Florida, U.S.A.

Latitude 2833' N Longitude 8108' W


Map from Multimap.                                    Map from Microsoft Encarta 1999.

Lockwood, Florida is located about 14 miles east of Orlando just off  East Colonial Drive and on the Old Cheney Highway.

Lockwood, Florida is a rather scattered community which is in danger of being succumbed by neighbouring parishes. It is thought that the surrounding land was owned by a Lockwood who gave some land to the Baptist Church. My thanks to locals  B. Morgan and P. Parton for sparing their time to talk about the community of Lockwood. Preston Palmer, 77, has lived in the area all his life and remembers when there was a single traffic light in Orlando - but no-one took any notice because everyone knew everybody else!



 These pictures were taken by myself in May 2002. The first two are of the Lockwood Baptist Church and the one on the left is the road sign for Lockwood Drive.






The aerial photograph to the left is from Mapquest.com. The Lockwood Baptist Church is situated just north of the large white building.





There are many roads named "Lockwood" in the vicinity - these include:-

Lockwood Avenue, Orlando

Lockwood Boulevard,  Oviedo

Lockwood Drive, Lockwood

Lockwood Road, Oviedo

North Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Old Lockwood Road (dirt) off Lockwood Boulevard

West Lockwood Lake Circle, Sarasota