Lockwood, Monterey County, California, U.S.A.

Latitude 3556' N Longitude 1214' W


The description below is taken from the First Day Cover of the "US Post Office, Lockwood, California 93932 - Centennial Day, July 23rd 1988" of which I have a copy.

"On July 16th 1888, H. E. Stirensen, First Assistant Postmaster General, responded to a request from Lair Patterson to establish a United States Post Office in township 23, South Range, East of the Mount Diablo principle meridian, Monterey County, to be named "Lockwood", after Belva Ann Lockwood. Henry Gimbal, Postmaster of Pleyto, certified the application, which specified that the mail would come to Lockwood from King City via Jolon. Service began on July 23rd 1888.

By 1909, the origin of the mail from the railhead in King City was moved to San Lucas, then transported over the San Lucas grade over what is today the Lockwood-San Lucas Road. Many of the Valley Fathers drove that route daily to meet the train, transport the mail and other goods back into Lockwood. Though the method of transportation has changed from train to truck, the route is still contracted locally and follows the same route it did in 1909."



The pictures above were taken by myself in November 1997. Located 7 miles south-east of Jolon. Lockwoood was at one time known as Hungary Flats.

The present day community has a population of 405 (1997) and consists of a number of farms, a school, post office and store. Lockwood Vineyard is situated a few miles away on Paris Valley Road.