James Y. Lockwood Steamboat

 "Sari-S" Steamboat Restaurant (originally the steamboat JAMES Y. LOCKWOOD). A sternwheel towboat built in 1896 it towed a railroad transfer barge for many years at St. Louis (Ivory Street) for the M-P railroad. In 1927 this vessel began towing a transfer barge for the Natchez & Southern Railway at Natchez. The LOCKWOOD was retired from active service in 1961 and taken to Chicago and became a restaurant under the name of SARI-S in the Chicago River. In 1970 she was taken to Buffalo, N.Y. (again a restaurant). In 1989 she was transported to the Netherlands and renamed MARK TWAIN.


"Centennial" a 1970s or '80s television mini-series. In an early episode the starring couple go down river passing a steamboat. This steamboat was the "James Y. Lockwood," the Missouri Pacific vessel that towed the transfer barge at Vidalia. This scene used stock footage as the boat was retired by the time the TV epic was filmed.