Harold Lockwood (1887 - 1918)

Harold A. Lockwood was born on 12th April 1887 in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A. Before becoming a film actor he was a salesman, and performed in vaudeville and stock theatre. In 1910 he joined the Nestor Company in New York and over the next few years worked for the Rex, Ince, Selig, American, Metro and Famous Players studios.

He appeared in 134 films released from 1911 to 1919. The rate of production was astounding by today's standards. In 1911 he was in 6 films, 1912 in 20 films, 1913 in 31 films, 1914 in 22 films, 1915 in 12 films, 1916 in 13 films, 1917 in 8 films, 1918 in 6 films and 1919 in 2 films. 

He also directed and acted in the film - Man of Honor also known as Paradise Island released in 1919.

He appeared opposite the famous actresses Dorothy Davenport, Marguerite Clark, Kathlyn Williams and Mary Pickford, but he is most famous for starring opposite Mary Allison and they are known as one of the first on screen romantic couples.

Harold died from influenza at the age of 31 on 19th October 1918 in New York, New York, U.S.A. being a casualty of the worldwide flu epidemic. From the "Brooklyn Daily Standard Union", October 19, 1918:-

LOCKWOOD - Harold LOCKWOOD, motion picture star, remains lying in state
"The Funeral Church", Broadway and 66th st. (Frank Campbell's)

and in the same paper on 21 October 1918:-

LOCKWOOD - Harold D. LOCKWOOD. Services "The Funeral Church" , Bway,
66th st. (Frank E. Campbell), Tuesday, 2:30 p.m. Friends and admirers

He married Alma ? ,later divorced, and they had a son, William who was also known as Harold Lockwood Junior.

 A vintage magic glass lantern slide for the 1916 Metro film Mister 44. The plot:   May Allison  stars as a worker in a shirt factory who begins fantasizing about the  sort of man who would wear a "Size 44." Hoping to attract a husband, she attaches her address to a shipment of "44's" destined for Arizona. The shipment is mis-delivered to handsome young millionaire Harold Lockwood, who decides it would be good for a laugh to seek out the idealistic Allison. Though they despise each other on sight, Allison and Lockwood decide to stick together anyway, whereupon the inevitable occurs, and they  fall in love but not before our hero has defended the girl's honour by pummelling the villain into senselessness. The May Allison-Harold Lockwood combination was popular enough to survive even such empty nonsense as Mister 44.


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