Edna E. Lockwood

The "Edna E. Lockwood", a 'buckeye schooner', otherwise known as a 'bugeye', was built by John B. Harrison, a Tilghman Island boatbuilder. She was launched on October 5, 1889 at Tilghman Island, Chesapeake Bay.

Her last years as a working vessel saw her dredging oysters. In 1967, ownership was transferred and the Lockwood was cleaned up and repaired sufficiently to be used as a pleasure boat. In 1973, her owner transferred her to the Chesapeake Museum with the understanding that the Lockwood would be preserved and displayed at the Museum. Finally, in 1979, fully restored, the Lockwood was  re-launched.

A booklet on the history of the Edna E. Lockwood was written by Charles H. Kepner. Published by Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, MD, August 1979. It has 16 black and white photographs and 19 pages.