Lockwood DNA Study - How to Participate

In order to make the comparisons it makes sense for all participants worldwide to use the same laboratory and to have the same markers tested. After investigating the market I  decided to use the 37 marker test from  Family Tree DNA . The samples are sent to Houston, Texas. The Arizona Research Labs located on campus at the University of Arizona conduct the actual tests and store the DNA (for any future tests, if for example, testing for additional markers is requested), whereas FamilyTree DNA also located in Houston control the DNA Database Library and test results.

An idea as to the savings that can be made, when ordering the test via the Lockwood Surname Project, are shown in the table below - correct as of 10th March 2017.

Test Standard Rate Normal Group Rate
12 Marker Test n/a $59
25 Marker Test n/a $109
37 Marker Test $169 $149
67 Marker Test $268 $248
12 to 25 upgrade $59 $49
12 to 37 upgrade $109 $99
12 to 67 upgrade $199 $189
25 to 37 upgrade $59 $49
25 to 67 upgrade $159 $148
37 to 67 upgrade $109 $99

Occasionally there are additional Seasonal Offers at FamilyTreeDNA for Family Finder and mtDNA tests. Visit the  Family Tree DNA  website for full details.

If you would like to take part in the Lockwood DNA Study, please email me at pete.lockwood@virginmedia.com or click on the Family Tree DNA link above and enter Lockwood as a Surname in the "Search a DNA Project" box, then click on the Lockwood name under the Project sub-heading and at the bottom of the page is the form to fill in your details. You may of course select any of the tests available.

To obtain the group rate, you will need to agree to have your results available to the Lockwood Group Administrator for the purposes of comparing your results to other participants in the database.