Lockwood Books

This page contains details of books about Lockwoods either as biographies or as a surname study.

1. Once a Wicked Lady

A biography of screen actress Margaret Lockwood written by Hilton Tims. Price $24.95 from http://www.amazon.com/

2. Belva Lockwood Wins Her Case

Written by Drollene P. Brown and aimed at a reading level of 9-12. Describes the struggles and triumphs of Belva Lockwood, the teacher, suffragette, lawyer, and peace activist who became the first woman to practice law before the Supreme Court and a candidate for president in 184 and 1888. 64 pages, ISBN 0807506303. Price $13.95 from http://www.amazon.com/

3. The Descendants of Robert Lockwood

Written by F.Holden and E. Dunbar Lockwood in 1889 (909 pages). This book does contain numerous errors which were addressed by Donald Lines Jacobus in the 1930's with his book "An Atrocious Lockwood Blunder". His article was reprinted in 1955 in The American Genealogist, Vol. 31. The book "The Descendants of Robert Lockwood" has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company at http://higginsonbooks.com/ at a cost of $134.00

4. Fogg - A Family History

Contains details of the Fogg, Upton, Ware and Lockwood families. Written by F.F. McMaster in 1964 (158 pages). Available from Higginson Book Company at http://higginsonbooks.com/ at a cost of $26.00

5. Sink 'Em All

Charles A. Lockwood spent most of the war as a commander of US submarine forces, first in Australia as Commander

Submarines Southwest Pacific (ComSubSoWesPac), then in Pearl Harbor as Commander Submarines Pacific (ComSubPac). This book is his memoir of his war years. Written by Lockwood, Vice Admiral Charles A. (Ret.)

c.1951, Bantam. ISBN: 0-553-23919-8

6. Hellcats of the Sea

By 1945, the Japanese Empire's only intact shipping lanes were the ones that crossed the almost landlocked Sea of Japan between China and Japan. Admiral Lockwood was never one to let any chance to attack the enemy go untried, so he organized the Hellcats, a nine-sub wolfpack that used new technology to penetrate the minefields that guarded the Sea of Japan's entrances. This is Lockwood's firsthand account of the development of the anti-mine gear, and a description of the damage done by the nine Hellcats. Written by Lockwood, Vice Admiral Charles A. (Ret). c.1955, Bantam. ISBN: 0-553-27059-1


7. Ghosts of Cape Sabine


An account of the Greely Expedition in 1881. Twenty five men departed for the frozen north and only six survived. James Booth Lockwood was the second in command for most of the time and it was he who went further north than anyone else, almost to the very top of Greenland. Written by Leonard F. Guttridge, published by Putnam in 2000 ISBN 0-399-14589-3.