Lockwood USA Census Maps 1790 - 1930

Fourteen maps are shown below. May take several minutes to download on a 28k modem connection.

These maps have been produced using the online facility at http://monarch.tamu.edu/~maps2/us.htm (note that there is no www at the start of the address). The facility is part of the Texas A & M University website.

The 1790 - 1840 and the 1910 Census Maps are for Heads of Household only.

In the 1790 census, Connecticut was the state with the most Lockwoods, but from the 1800 census, the state of New York has had the most Lockwoods although California has today taken the title of  the state with most Lockwoods.








For the 1870 Census Map, it has been determined that the single Lockwood residing in the Dakota Territory was in what would become later North Dakota.


For the 1880 Census Map, the 18 Lockwoods that were living in the Dakota Territory have been examined and it was found that 11 were living in North Dakota and 7 in South Dakota.


For the 1900 Census Map, the Indian Territory figures have been combined with that of Oklahoma. Not included are the 8 Lockwoods that came under the Military/Naval category.