Lockwoods from Screen and Stage

1.    Gary Lockwood (1937 - )

In 1968 starred as Frank Poole in "2001: A Space Odyssey" and in Star Trek - Where No Man Has Gone Before. Actual name is John Gary Yusolfsky.

2.    Harold Lockwood  (1887 - 1918)

Silent film star born in Newark, N.J., starring opposite Mary Pickford, Marguerite Clark and May Allinson. 

3.    Iris Lockwood (???? - ???? )

Dancer and singer in the late thirties. She appeared in the cast of "Eve in the Park", a popular suppertime show which was presented by C. B. Cochran at the Trocadero, London's famous restaurant. 

4.    Margaret Mary Lockwood (1916-1990)

British actress starring in many films from 1934 to 1976 including Lorna Doone, Amateur Gentlemen, The Lady Vanishes, Night Train to Munich, Man in Grey, Wicked Lady and The Slipper and the Rose. Also many stage plays and a television series called The Flying Swan which also starred her daughter Julia. 

5.    Preston Lockwood (19?? -

Has played a number of television roles in Dr. Who, Jeeves & Wooster, Miss Marple, Poirot, Rumpole of the Bailey, Tenko, Shoestring and All Creatures Great and Small.

6.    Roy Lockwood (1907 - 2002)

Film and radio writer and director. Directed the films Counterpoint (1930), Airport (1934), The Mutiny of the Elsinore (1937) and Jamboree (1957).