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Descendants of ROBERT LOCKWOOD
*Robert Lockwood, b: 1/14/1599-00 in Combs, Suffolk, Eng. Baptism: 1/18/1599-00 d: 9/11/1658 in Fairfield, Ct
The brothers, Edmund and Robert, came to Salem in the "Arbella" with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630. Robert was a proprietor of Watertown, MA. In 1636, he was made Freeman with the right to vote. In 1636, he moved to Fairfield, CT. Between 1645 and 1652, he was Sergent of Fairfield County, CT Regiment. Robert served as Rep. in 1671, 1673, 1674, and 1677.
+ Susanna Sension b: ca 1605 May be same person as Susanna Norman. (+second?) wife of Robert Lockwood: Susanna Norman b: 1608 m: 1632 in MA d: 12/23/1680 in Greenwich, CT...daughter of Margaret Alford & Capt. Richard Norman, of Dorchester, Eng; settled in Cape Ann, MA 1626.
Their children were:     Jonathan[1] Lockwood, b: 9/10/1634 d: 5/12/1688     Deborah [2/10] Lockwood, b: 10/12/1636     Joseph [2/3] Lockwood, b: 8/06/1638 d: 4/17/1717     Daniel [3/4] Lockwood, b: 3/21/1639-40 d: 1691     Ephraim [4/5] Lockwood, b: 12/01/1641 d: 10/1685     Gersham [5/6] Lockwood, Sr., b: 9/06/1643 d: 3/12/1718-19     John [6/7] Lockwood, b: 1645 d: 1677     Abigail [7/8] Lockwood, b: 1647 d: 1690     Sarah [8] Lockwood, b: 1649 d: 3/01/1650-51     Sarah [9] Lockwood, b: 2/27/1651-52     Mary[10] Lockwood, b: 1647     and possibly     Joshua Lockwood, b: 1638 parentage not proven

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