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Bathsheba Mabie and her husband, John Lockwood, a farmer in Putnam Valley, raised a family in  Peekskill, NY.  We have reached a brick wall in identifying her parents' families.  Several possible clues have been found including the name of Abraham for her father. There were seven men named Abraham Maibee or Mabie living in the Southeastern NY area whom I have searched as possible parent of Bethsheba or Bathsheba. Several contenders were eliminated.

The Couch Files identified the father of Bathsheba Mabie as Abraham Mabie of Yorktown, NYClue #1.

Page 404 from the unverified book, The Descendants of Robert Lockwood, by F. Holden and E. Dunbar Lockwood, PA 1889, claimed that Bathsheba Mabie was "of Canada" Clue #2 and Abraham, the father of Bathsheba Maibee was "born in FranceClue #3, fought in the American RevolutionClue #4, married at YorktownClue #5, and died leaving landed estatesClue #6."  The unverified Holden and Lockwood book had been criticized for including many errors and misinformation.  The ancestry of Abraham Mabie is unknown.

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The Mabie/Mabee family of Westchester, NY came from The Netherlands to New Amsterdam.  They spread thoughout New York.  According to the Mabie Society, the assumed French originSee clue #3 of the Mabie family had not been proven.  The family was split in loyalty during the Revolution. Some of the Mabie family of Westchester Co., NY, who were Loyalists who re-located to CanadaSee clue #2 after the War of Independance.
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The book New York in the Revolution by Berthold Fernow, 1887 identified Private Abraham Mabie of Hays Regiment, Blauvelt Co.  I identified him as Abraham4 Mabie (Pieter3, Caspar Pieterszen2Mabie, Pieter Gaspard (or Caspar) Mabie Van Naerden)  born 12/28/1731 in Orangetown/Tappan, Orange Co., NY, and died 1805 in Orangetown/Tappan, Orange Co., NY.  He married (1) Maria Van Orland 2/02/1756 in Schraslenberg Ch, Rockland Co., Ny.  He married (2) Wyntje Quackenbos 5/26/1773 in Harleem , Ny. Further research provided documentation of his children.  There was no child named Bathsheba or Bethsheba. He was eliminated.
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According to The 6000 New York Ancestors A Compendium of Mabie Research by R. Robert Mutrie,  Abraham Mabie and Constant Ellis, living at Brewster near Yorktown, had a daughter born ca. 1780-90. Nothing is known about her - not even a name. This daughter is in the "right" age range and location.  She may or may not be our Bathsheba.
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The book New York in the Revolution by James A. Roberts, 1898 identified the following soldier :
On Lists and Indexes, an Abraham Maibee is mentioned as a person "whose service is evidenced by Manuscripts on file in the Comptroller's Office" but whose unit unknown. Matches Clue #4
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The 1790 Census for Mt. Pleasant Town, Westchester, NY listed an Abraham Mabee as head of a household of one adult male, one male child under age 16, and three females
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Records of the Chancery Court Province and State of New York Guardianships 1691-1815 abstracted by Dr. Kenneth Scott Pub. 1971 by Historical Society of New York provided this information:
p.68  Petition 16 May 1793 of David Knapp and Isaac McKeel, overseerers of the Town of YorktownMatches Clue #5, ... and Elijah Lee, J.P. ... setting forth that ... Abraham Mabee is a lunatic. ... Affidavit by Ebenezer White physician.  Commission appointed.

p.98  Petition 9 Mar 1798 of Abraham Requa of Yorktown, Westchester Co., farmer, setting forth that Abraham Mabee is a lunatic. His nearest relations are the following: Charlotte Mabee age about 21  (b. ca 1777), Abigail Maibee, age about 19  (b. ca 1779), Barsheba age about 16 (b. ca 1782), his daughters. Abraham Requa is appointed guardian of the lunatic. St. John Constant of York Town, farmer, is surety. The lunatic's wife is deceased. 

On Oct. 1, 1838 Abraham Lockwood, son of  John Lockwood and Bathsheba Mabie, sold land on Cortlandt to St. John Constant. 
On June 18, 1836 and on May 25, 1842, Abraham Lockwood, son of  John Lockwood and Bathsheba Mabie, sold land in Cortandt to Fredrick Requa , relative  of Abraham Requa of Yorktown.

Since our Bathsheba Mabie's name is spelled as Bethsheba Maibee in the Couch File and in the Lockwood Genealogy, it is probable it could also have been spelled Barsheba Mabee.

The Abraham Mabee living in Mt. Pleasant with three females is possibly the father of our Bathsheba. If his wife is dead, the three females may be Barsheba and her two sisters. He is probably the same person who was judged insane at nearby Yorktown, NY. He may also be the Abraham Mabee mentioned in the "Manuscripts on file in the Comptroller's Office." Now we just need to find his parents and spouse!

The leading contender is currently Abraham4 Mabie  (Jeremias3, Caspar Pieterszen2Mabie, Pieter Gaspard1 (aka Pieter Caspar) Mabie Van Naerden) baptised 10/17/1732.  He married Mercy ? and resided in Cortlandt Manor.  See Circumstantial Evidence and Hypotheses, The Circumstantial Case for Identifying the father of Mrs. Bathsheba Mabie Lockwood.

Bathsheba's husband, John Lockwood, died 3/30/1843 in Yorktown, NY.  His children disposed of his property in 1866.  Bathsheba went to live with her eldest surviving son, John Ashley Lockwood.  Our Bathsheba died at 88 years of age. Although we do not know Bathsheba's dates of birth or death, her life appears consistant with a possible birth date of 1782.

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