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The Death Record of Mrs. Charlotte Hays, my great-great grandmother b: 6/16/1833 d: 4/24/1909, stated that she was the daughter of Abraham Lockwood and Maria Lounsbury. Charlotte and both of her parents were born in New York. I searched for the family of Maria/Mary who was probably born sometime between 1778 and 1819. Although I never found Maria's birth or death dates, but with the help of other researchers, I did locate the surrogate papers of the estate of the widower Zabud5 Lounsberry (Gideon4, Gideon3, Henry2, Richard1 ) of  Cortlandtown, NY which listed, as one of his heirs, his granddaughter Charlotte, wife of Abraham Hayes and daughter of Abraham Lockwood.

The discovery of my ancestral line was accomplished with the support of many generous people.  I especially want to than  Mary Friedlander, Jim Jurista, and Al Lounsbury! John Freund's book "Some Descendants of Richard Lounsberry of Rye, NY" was an invaluable guide to my search.


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   *1 Richard Lounsberry b: 11/09/1634 in Broxa, Hackness, Yorkshire, Eng. d: 12/08/1694 in Rye, NY Father May be Richard Lownsborough of Hachness parish, Yorkshire, Eng - Not Proven; a proprietor of Peninga Neck (Rye), NY (formerly part of Fairfield Co. CT); residing there 1673-1682

+Elizabeth Pennoyer b: 1652 m: 8/01/1670 in Maromoneck, Westchester, NY d: AFT 1694 dau. of Robert Pennoyer 1616-1694 and False or Elsis Marshall
Richard and Elizabeth are my 8th-great grandparents!

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If you are interested in learning more about the Lounsbury family,
cousin Jim Jurista has a wonderful information filled web-site which includes
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Visit Jim at:

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I also recomend the Lounsbury Genealogy Tree which is blog for people associated to, or interested in, the family name tree Lounsbery - Lounsbury - Lounsberry - Loundsbury http://lounsbury-tree.blogspot.com/

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