These documents provide relationship information that had been lost. Having re-discovered them, I wanted to preserve and share the documentary heritage with my relatives. You are invited to view, download, and print and share them.


The search for Abraham Lockwood,
and Maria Lounsbury parents of 

Charlotte F. Lousbery Hays

  1. The above picture of my grandmother's grandmother was accompanied by a paper with the hand-written name Charlotte Lousbery Hays.  I didn't know if Lousbery was her middle or maiden name.  The paper called Charlotte the wife of Abram H. Hays. This was the only evidence of her husband's middle initial.  I later learned that her son used the name Abram H. Hayes.  Her husband used either Abraham or Abram and spelled Hays either with or without an "e" as in Hayes.  Her husband did not use a middle initial on any other documentation I found. So much for the accuracy of handwritten notes!

Transcription of Entries in 
Register of Death
in the Village of  Peekskill, NY
2.  Abraham Hays' death record identified his parents as James and Rosetta Hays.
Charlotte F. Hayes' death record identified her parents as Abraham Lockwood and Maria Lounsbury.    The book St. Peter's Yard, Peekskill NY lists a :
       Lockwood, Maria, wife of Abram H.; died Oct 10, 1850; aged 41 yrs.

Couch File

3. In searching for Chalotte's parents' families, the Couch Files  identified the parents of one Abraham Lockwood as John Lockwood and Bethsheba Mabie. He was the only Abraham Lockwood in the Peekskill area married to a ___Lounsbury. He was of the right age and in the right town to be father of Charlotte. The handwritten Couch Files at the Field Library, Peekskill, NY were donated by Franklin Couch, Lawyer & Genealogist of Peekskill, NY.



4. Page 404 from the unverified book, The Descendants of Robert Lockwood, by F. Holden and E. Dunbar Lockwood, PA 1889, also  identified the probable parents of Abraham Lockwood as John Lockwood and Bethsheba Maibee

Both the Couch Files and the Lockwood book identified John Lockwood's wife as Bethsheba Mabie or Maibee, daughter of Abraham Maibee, of Yorktown, NY, who served in the American Revolution.  Mrs. Lockwood's first name has been spelled as  Bethsheba, Bathsheba, and Bashuba and her maiden name spelled as either Maibee or Mabie. We believe she is the same person listed as Barsheba Mabee in a 1798 Chancery Court petition
Although several  possible clues have been found, proving the parents of her father  Abraham Mabie is another brick wall
Visit the Geneology Brickwall of Abraham Maibee and Bathsheba Mabie.
View the Circumstantial Case for identifying the father of 
Mrs. Bathsheba Mabie Lockwood. 

mY leading contender is Abraham4 Mabie  (Jeremias3, Caspar Pieterszen2, Pieter Gaspard (aka Pieter Caspar ) Mabie1 Van Naerden#&40; baptised 10/17/1732.  He married Mercy ? and resided in Cortlandt Manor.  A Barsheba Mabee born ca 1782 may be one of his three daughters and wife of John Lockwood. 

View Mary Friedlander's excellent article about 
Bethsheba Mabie and the Lockwood Family.

5. The different sources listed above identified John Lockwood's father as either Henry Lockwood or Sylvenius/Sylvenus Lockwood. Page 429 of the book Southern New York claims "Sylvenius, son of Jeremiah and Abigail (Smith) Lockwood was born January 30, 1763 and baptized at Stamford, CT November 17, 1765. He married Deborah, daughter of Nathan and Sarah Sellick, of Darien, CT, who were members of the Congretional Church at that place when it was organized." This book furthers identifies the same children as mentioned in both the Couch files and the Robert Lockwood genealogy book. The unverified date of Sylvenius birth would make him about 10 years old at the time of his son John's birth. Clearly there is an error in labeling dates. 

The Couch Files, page 288 of the Lockwood book, and the book Southern NY all identified John Lockwood's mother as Deborah Sellick or Selleck. Two of the sources differed on the first name of her Lockwood spouse. The Couch file named him Sylvenus Lockwood, while the Southern NY spelled his name Sylvenius.  The Lockwood book named him #651 Henry Lockwood. Oral history of Elijah Lee Lockwood's descendants claimed Deborah married her late husband's brother. I have found no record of Henry and Sylvenus Lockwood as brothers. Henry Lockwood's date of birth as given in the Lockwood book was 1/30/1763.  John's birth was about 1771 or 11/1773, was about 9 years after Henry was baptised. 

Here is the problem. 1.) Are Henry and Sylvenus/Sylvenius two names for the same man?
2.) Are the birthdates of either father Henry or Sylvenus/Sylvenius wrong? Perhaps the father's baptism date (as a boy or a young man) was confused with his birthdate.
3.) Did the secondary sources incorrectly identify the father of John? 

Although the first name of the father of John Lockwood remains undocumented, he is identified by all secondary sources as the grandson of Jeremiah and Abigail (Smith)Lockwood. 

The parents of Deborah, listed in the Robert Lockwood genealogy book as Nathan & Sarah Selleck of Stamford, CT, had all their children baptized at the Congregational Church. There was no record of a daughter named Deborah. Nathaniel (1725-1777) & Sarah Selleck (1723-aft 1803), who were founding members of the DCC, would have been in their 40's  when Deborah was born.  We have not found a marriage or death record for Deborah Sellick/Selleck Lockwood.  Nathaniel Selleck's younger brother Ezra Selleck and his second wife, Mary Whiting, had a daughter, Deborah (b 12/13/1765), of whom no other information has been found.  It is possible this niece of Nathaniel is the mother of John Lockwood and ancestress of Charlotte. Deborah Sellick Lockwood's ancestry  remains a brick wall. 

Property Deeds



Will of Zabud Lounsberry
7. The 1866 Property deed of John A. Lockwood, son of John and Bethsheba, proved his family relationship as brother to Abraham and revealed the children of Abraham Lockwood as: Stephen Lockwood, Zabud F. Lockwood, Charlotte F. Hays, wife of Abraham Hayes, Amanda Jane Hays wife of Jacob Hayes, and Rachel Gardner wife of Cornelius Gardner. 

8. The Property deeds of Zabud Lounsberry and Abraham Lockwood suggested a connection between Abraham and Zabud Lounsberry. The John A. Lockwood deed showed that Abraham Lockwood and Maria Lounsbury named a son, Zabud, possibly named after his maternal grandfather. A series of joint property sales by Zabud Lounsberry, Abraham Lockwood, and their wives from 1836 to 1858 confirmed the first name of Abraham's wife as Maria

9. The book, Some Descendants of Richard Lounsberry of Rye, NY by John M Freund, identified the only Zabud F. Lounsberry (1786-1859) in the Town of Cortlandt, Westchester County NY.  A search for the 1859 will of Zabud Lounsberry turned up several documents from the Westchester Surrogate's court naming the heirs of Zabud Lounsberry (no living wife or child) as the children of Abraham Lockwood, Charlotte F. Hays, wife of Abraham Hayes, Stephen Lockwood, Rachel Gardner wife of Cornelius Gardner. Amanda Jane Hays wife of Jacob Hayes, and Zabud F. Lockwood.   Unfortunately, the actual will was not located.  These documents connected our family to the family tree of Richard Lounsberry of Rye, NY 

In tracing the ancestry of Zabud Lounsberry, I discovered that his daughter, Maria Lounsbury, was a both a sixth cousin and a half-fifth cousin to her husband Abraham Lockwood. That made Charlotte seventh cousin and half sixth-cousin to herself. Maria and Abraham are both descended from Abraham Bell and Jeffrey Ferris.

Transcription   of

Census Data

10.. The 1850 Census Records identified the names and ages of Abraham Hays' mother and siblings. 

Abraham Lockwood's 5 children by his 1st wife Maria Lounsbury were  Stephen , Zabud, Charlotte, Amanda Jane, and Rachel. This was confirmed by the records of the Surrogate Court regarding the estate of their maternal grandfather Zabud Lounsberry.  In the 1860 Census Records  Abraham Lockwood  (b. ca 1810 d. before 1866) is living with his youngest son Zabud (20 yrs), Anna Elizabeth (8 yrs), Lavinia (5 yrs), Asila (1 yr) and Phoebe Lockwood (24 yrs).    Pheobe is the mother of Ada Lockwood b.  6/04/1859  Since Ada and Asila are both born in 1859, I believe they are two names for the same girl.  This census implies that Phoebe is also the mother of Anna Elizabeth, and Lavinia. Phoebe is seven years older than Zabud Lockwood who was 12 when Anna  Elizabeth was born.  Stephen, Charlotte, Amanda Jane, and Rachel are not living with their father.  It appears Abraham married Phoebe as his second wife and had three more daughters.   This was confirmed in the 1866 deed of heirs of the property of their grandfather John Lockwood when Stephen , Zabud, Charlotte, Amanda Jane, Rachel, Anna Elizabeth, Lavinia, and Ada Lockwood  were named as children of the late Abraham Lockwood.  After the death of her first husband, Phoebe remarried.  Her daughter Ada (AKA Asila) Lockwood married Samuel Gaudinier. Obituaries of Ada and Samuel Gaudinier are available upon request. 

The 1870 Census Records identified Charlotte and Abraham Hays children. 
Obituaries of 

Abraham Hays 
Charlotte Hays
Zabud Lounsberry

11. Photos of the gravestones taken at the Old St. Peters Cemetary, VanCortlandtville, NY of John Lockwood and his grandchildren: Charlotte Hays, Zabud J. Lockwood, and Henry W. Wagoner.

12. The Obituaries of Zabud Lounsberry, Charlotte and Abraham Hays were found in the Highland Democrat weekly newspaper of Peekskill, NY.
Microfilm copies of this and other newspapers were made available by the Field Library, Peekskill, NY. 

Date of death of Margaret Lounsbury, (Mrs. Zabud Lounsbury )  is recorded in Lives Well Spent, Westchester Obituaries and Death Notices in the Eastern State Journal May 1845 - Apil 1875 by Elizabeth Green Fuller: 
"Margaret Lounsbury, (Mrs. Zabud Lounsbury)   d. Peekskill, June 20, 1857 age 75 yrs. (7/08/1859)."


By learning of the other children of my ancestors, I have expanded my family tree enormously. In tracing the ancestral branches, I have also learned that my earliest ancestor, Richard Norman was in America in 1627. His daughter married Robert Lockwood, who came to Massachusetts with Gov. Winthrop's fleet in 1630, 10 years after the Mayflower. Robert's son Jonathan married Mary, daughter of Jeffrey Ferris who came to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634. Zabud Lounsbury is descended from Richard Lounsberry, a proprietor of Peninga Neck (Rye), NY (formerly part of Fairfield Co. CT); residing there 1673-1682.  Zabud's great-grandmother, Hannah Bell , is descended from both Jeffrey Ferris and from Abraham Bell. and The Selleck family traces its roots to David Selleck of England, who arrived from Weymouth, Eng. in 1633. The Mabie family is descended from Pieter Casparsen Mabie Van Naerden and Aechte Jans who lived in New Amsterdam in 1647. 

Information about their family trees is on-line at: 

Susan's Family Genealogy

I hope you have enjoyed viewing the linked documentation!

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