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The Search for Charlotte's grandparents

After I had researched 150 years of my family history, I found a connection with the Lockwood Family from the MA, CT, and NY area. Over 100 years ago, several Lockwoods attempted to record all known information about their family in a book, The Descendants of Robert Lockwood, by F. Holden and E. Dunbar Lockwood, PA 1889. Although their work was not documented and is riddled with errors, I found it useful as clues. In studying the Lockwoods, I also found that I was reviewing many major events in American History!

The Lockwoods came to Massachusetts with Gov. Winthrop's fleet, 10 years after the Mayflower. The 400 new arrivals could not stay in Salem because there was not enough fresh water, so they started a new settlement called Boston. There were Lockwoods involved in the witch trials, Indian fights, rafting down the Ohio River to new settlements in the west, the "49-ers gold rush", and patriots in every war. Since the book is out of print and in the public domain, I have abstracted much of the following information from it. I hope you will find it helpful.

The numbers in brackets [*] preceeding each family name were assigned by these authors. I have used their numbering system since so many first names are repeated through the generations. Additional descendants have been added without numbers in brackets. Although every effort has been made to correct known errors, this information has not been verified. Many of the corrections reflect the work of Donald L. Jacobus, 1881 (DLJ). The following information is not in GEDCOM form. It is presented in simple outline and is searchable using the Lockwood Indexes to search for a particular name.

Source information on the Lockwood Family Genealogy is available at Sources of Genealogical Information.

Four major Lockwood Families were founded the northeast. The families of Edmund Lockwood's sons, Edmund and Robert, are separately listed, as are the families of Abraham of Rhode Island and Richard of Maryland.

Elinor, wife of Nicholas Knapp arrived on the ship, the Arbella, with Edmund's sons, Edmund and Robert. There has been misinformation linking her to the Lockwood Family. On Tue., Jan 05, 1999, "No known record supports such claims!". See the Elinor Knapp page for more details.

For a Time line of events in New England, see The New England Colonist's Web

Susan Godlewski

Descendants of EDMUND LOCKWOOD, Sr.

* EDMUND LOCKWOOD b.9/2/1574 in Combs, Sussex, Eng.
+Alys Cowper or Cooper m: 1595


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