Mountains and Peaks


1. Antarctica

Mount Lockwood is a projecting-type mountain 5 nautical miles (9 km) south of Mount Bell forming a part of the east face of Grindley Plateau in Queen Alexandra Range. The above is the interpretation of Shackleton's intended position for this mountain made by the Southern Party of New Zealand Geological Survey Abtarctic Expedition (NZGSAE) (1961 -62), which explored this region. Named by British Antarctic Expedition (1907 - 09) for Dr. Charles Barrett Lockwood of St. Bartholomew Hospital, where Dr. E. S. Marshall of the British Antarctic Expedition had previously been employed.

2. British Columbia, Canada

Mount Lockwood, British Columbia named after a serviceman that died in WW2. Latitude 4905'34" North, Longitude.12116'54" West, just east of Chilliwack Lake and about 100 miles east of Vancouver.

3. Nunavut, Canada

Mount Lockwood, Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island near the north west coast of Greenland. Latitude 8018' North, Longitude 8544' West. 593 feet about 20 miles east of Cape Lockwood. Named after James Booth Lockwood, an Arctic Explorer in 1882.


1. California, USA

Lockwood Peak, Ventura County a few miles west of Lockwood Valley Road and near Frazier Mountain. Latitude: 3442'33" N, Longitude: 1194'6" W. Height 6,261 feet.

2. Alaska, USA

Lockwood Peak, near Portage Bay, a few miles north of Petersburg on Kupreanof Island. Latitude  56 57' 19", Longitude  133 11' 4" Height 2,835 feet.

3. British Columbia, Canada

Lockwood Peak near the Kananaskis Lakes in Kootenay Land District and about 30 miles north west of Invermere. Latitude: 50 40' 47'' North, Longitude: 115 26' 23'' West. Height 8,497 feet.


1. Alaska, USA

Lockwood Hills, about 35 miles south east of Shungnak, Northwest Arctic Borough and about 300 miles north west of Fairbanks. Latitude: 66 33' 30" N, Longitude: 157 11' 50" W. Height 2,070 feet. Mentioned in the "Contributions to Economic Geology of Alaska, Issues 1155-1156" on page 38 (