Henry Hayes Lockwood (1814 - 1899)

Born 17th August 1814, Kent County, Delaware the son of William Kirkley Lockwood and Mary Hayes. He graduated from West Point 1836 and was assigned to the 2nd Artillery and was involved in the Seminole War. He resigned his commission on September 12th 1837 and was a farmer before accepting the appointment of professor of mathematics in the U.S. Navy in 1841. He was married to Anna R. Booth of Newcastle, Delaware on October 2nd 1845.

He was on the frigate United States of the Pacific squadron during the siege and capture of Monterey, California in 1846. He served at the Naval asylum at Philadelphia and at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland as professor of natural philosophy and astronomy, 1847-1851, and as professor of field artillery and infantry tactics and also astronomy and gunnery, 1851 - 1861.

In May1861 he was Colonel of 1st Delaware and on August 8th 1861 was appointed Brigadier General of Volunteers. He commanded the prison at Point Lookout, commanded the 2nd Brigade/1st Division/12th Army Corps at Gettysburg, July 1st -3rd, 1863. He was also on garrison duty near Harper's Ferry,  and commanded the Middle Department with headquarters at Balitmore, Maryland. He commanded the 2nd Division/V Corps at Cold Harbor, undertook departmental duties in Maryland, led troops against Early's Washington raid. He was an Instructor at Annapolis, served at the Naval Observatory, retiring in 1876. He died In Washington, D.C., 7th December 1899.

The father of James Booth Lockwood the Artic explorer.

Newspaper Clippings from the State News, Delaware.

“Lockwood tells of Gettysburg Battle; Assures Wife of Boundless Love,” State News, July 3, 1963.  Text of three letters written from Lockwood to his wife in 1863.

“A Child’s Civil War letter and Camden subversion,” State News, April 4, 1963.  Story about a letter from nine-year-old James Booth Lockwood to his father Brig. Gen. Henry Hayes Lockwood; includes copy of part of the letter.

“Kent County Views of the Civil War,” State News, Sept. 14, 1961.  Kent County’s reaction to the outbreak of the Civil War, especially the views of Manlove Hayes, Henry Hayes Lockwood, and George P. Fisher.

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