Guy H Lockwood (1870 – 1947)


Guy H. Lockwood was born on 26th June 1870 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the son of John Henry Lockwood (1835 – 1900) and Jeanette McNeal (1846 – 1900). John Henry Lockwood was born in Indiana, was a private in the US Civil War between 1861 and 1862 and was a plasterer in the 1880 census and the 1895 Minnesota state census.


Around 1891 Guy H. Lockwood and Grant Walt Wallace set up the company “Wallace & Lockwood” in Lincoln, Nebraska to sell postal courses in penmanship and illustrations, the first of its type in the USA. At the time they were both teachers at the Western Normal College, in Lincoln. By 1896 the company had removed to Omaha, Nebraska and Wallace had left.


The envelope below, postmarked 1894, was for sale in June 2016 for $25.00.     The envelope below, postmarked 1896, was for sale on eBay in May 2016 for $30.

The company address is Lincoln, Nebraska.                                                           The company address  is Omaha, Nebraska.

Item27a_a      Item27_a


At some point in 1896 Guy H. Lockwood then went to San Francisco and became a recluse for about two years studying nature and trying to solve the problems of the universe! In 1897 he answered an advertisement in the socialist paper “The Coming Nation” for a companion to Dr. C. W. Wooldridge to travel around the USA in a cart to publicise the socialist cause. However shortly after starting the venture, Wooldridge’s wife became ill so he had to abandon the enterprise and Guy H. Lockwood with Joe Beadsley took up the mantle. They visited Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Chicago. At Toledo, a young woman, Annie Grigsby, joined the team and she soon married Guy on 28th July 1898 in Toledo, Ohio.


Altogether the van travelled for 4 seasons, supported by the sale socialist literature and donations. The Lockwoods ended up in Girard, Kansas where Guy worked for the Socialist newspaper, “The Appeal to Reason” as an artist and writer. He then came to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1904 and took a teaching position at the Acme School of Drawing for three years before opening, with Sam Stoltz, the “Lockwood-Stoltz Art School” in 1907.


In 1909 Stoltz left to take up a position in Chicago as a commercial artist, but the name “Lockwood-Stoltz Art School” was retained until Guy Lockwood took over the Acme School and renamed it “The Lockwood Art School”. The Lockwood Art School continued to appear in the Kalamazoo City Directories until at least 1934. In the 1935 City Directory Lockwood’s Art School does not appear and Guy is listed as an artist.


                                                                                                                                                                                       The photograph below is from Labadie’s "Souvenir of Picturesque

                                                                                                                                                                                       Kalamazoo", published in 1909.

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The photograph below was bought on eBay in October 2015 for £10.66. Its shows Guy H. Lockwood with his first wife Annie Grigsby:-


In March 1919 Guy H. Lockwood divorced Annie and on 7th March 1922 he married Hazel Luella Hill nee Mullen (1886 – 1951). In 1922 Hazel was the editor of the book “Mrs. Lockwood's book of favorite recitations”, a collection of Socialist poetry The collection includes numerous poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox as well as work by Will Carleton, Sam Walter Foss, James F. Montague and others, as well as several photographs of Hazel herself.



Guy H. Lockwood died on 1st October 1947 in Kalamazoo and his wife Hazel on 1st January 1951. They are both buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Colon Township, St. Joseph, Michigan. Their gravestone is shown below:-

Guy Lockwood grave 1947


It does not appear as if he had any children with either wife.


Below are some pictures of course materials and catalogues for the Lockwood Art School.

Item96_8693_1  Item95_71_1  Item96_bfe0_1  Item98_43a9_3   Item10_artmag2    Item25a_017318_0001  Item29a_IMG_4953_edited  Item82_e2_1_b  Item83a_7bb4_1


In the 1910s The Lockwood Art School produced a monthly magazine called theThe Students Art Magazine” which was then renamed as “Art Magazine”, which was later renamed “Art & Life” in 1923 and then “Art and Nature” around 1928. The last issue was around 1930.


Students Art Magazine October 1915                     Art Magazine April 1922                               Art and Life magazine April 1924                  Art and Nature magazine November 1928

Item26_1075487134821_art_school  Item27_artmags4  Item13a_3d1c_1  Item24_turkey1


Guy H. Lockwood was also a staunch socialist.  He used his editorial and artistic talents to promote the Socialist cause. He published a series of pamphlets originally entitled The Prophet and The Ass but later re-named The Billy Goat. These illustrated booklets promoted a distinctly Marxist perspective. He was active in the local Socialist Party, giving lectures and writing letters to the editor explaining and defending socialism. Following his election in 1912, Lockwood served one two-year term on the Kalamazoo City Council and ran for Mayor in 1914 but finished a distant third to then incumbent Alfred B. Connable. He was a candidate for Michigan state senate 6th District, 1916; candidate for Governor of Michigan, 1928; candidate for Michigan state house of representatives from Kalamazoo County 2nd District, 1934.


From the “The Daily Times” published in New Philadelphia, Ohio on 25th June 1914, page 6:-

"The Lockwood socialist lecture automobile will furnish amusements. A speaker, a cartoonist and a musician are carried by the famous Lockwood socialist, automobile. Socialists from all parts of Tuscarawas county and Stark county will attend the picnic which is an annual affair.".


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  He was also the author of the ““How to Live 100 Years”(1912)  and “Mastership or Mediumship Which?” (1920).


How to Live 100 Years Item01_x_8435_12    


Guy H. Lockwood was also the author of about 30 pamphlets published from his Kalamazoo studio between 19010 and 1928, including two Socialist periodicals ("The Billy Goat" and "Unity"), Lockwood and his Punch and Judy Show (1913) and several how-to publications for artists. Examples of some of the books and pamphlets produced between 1910 and 1928:-


  Item02a_DSC03766  Item08a_3a28  Item08b_a  Item17_a5_1_b  Item17_e6_1_b  Item17b_a  Item18a_prophet1  Item18b_a