Frank Lockwood's Island, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Latitude 56 18' N Longitude 4 50' W


Frank Lockwood's Island is situated on the south east shore of the Isle of Mull, Scotland about half mile (1 km) from the small bay of Port Ohirnie.

It is thought that the island is named after Frank Lockwood (1846-1897) who was the Solicitor General (1894-1895) and a Member of Parliament. Frank Lockwood was married to Julia Schwabe (1847 - ), and Julia's sister Katherine Marianne Schwabe (1851 -  ) was married to Murdoch Gillian Maclaine (1845 - ), the 21st Maclean of Duart who owned the nearby Lochbuie Castle.

In the book "Sir Frank Lockwood, A Biographical Sketch" by Augustine Birrell published in 1898, there are several mentions of Maclaine of Lochbuie and the close friendship between the two men.